Transcend RAM 16GB DDR5 5600MHz CL46 Laptop Memory – JM5600ASE-16G


  • Ultra Fast! – DDR5 DRAM modules offer advanced system performance and reliability. High throughput improves your computer’s performance in a snap!
  • Dual Transfer Channels – DDR5 adopts two independent 32-bit transfer channels, which provide higher transfer speeds and increase storage efficiency.
  • Optimized Power Efficiency – DDR5 working voltage is merely at 1.1V and it is designed with a power management IC (PMIC), which allows better energy control and reduces power interference.
  • On-die ECC for Superior Stability – DDR5 DRAM modules feature the on-die ECC mechanism. Each chip automatically spots and corrects data errors, improving data integrity and system stability.
  • Quality Chips Tested for Durability – Compliant with the JEDEC standards, Transcend’s DRAM modules are built with the finest DRAM chips from major global manufacturers.


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